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Jimmy Leopard, FACHE

Warmest wishes for a safe and healthy 2023. We are here for you, should you need us.



How to prepare
As your healthcare partner, WCH wants to assure you that we are fully equipped to provide safe, quality care to our community.

Client Testimonials

"I just spent 4 days in this hospital. While laying in my bed I got a knock at my door, a man came in and introduced himself as the hospital administrator. He asked me how I was doing, if I needed anything, just one good guy doing a job you don't see much anymore. The hospital staff was very professional, gave me nothing but great treatment, with a good attitude!.the food from the hospital is by far the very best hospital food I've ever had! I gained like 10 pounds! Thank you Wagoner Community Hospital,!"
Bob S.
"I took my 8yr old autistic child in for oral surgery. I was so happy to see how well the staff dealt with him. They were patient, understanding and kind to him. His nurses knew first hand about special needs children. Made it so much easier on me. I could actually relax knowing he was in good hands!"
Shana B.
"Wagner Hospital may not be all that big and older, but the compassionate care that you receive here is top notch. Cannot say enough about the caring nurses and staff."
Joy H.
"Excellent service with exceptional caring staff I just can't brag on the hospital and the staff enough. Thank you so much for caring about people. And for being our heroes."
Tracy R.
"This hospital has an amazing medical staff and all of my questions were welcomed. I went thru detox here at this facility, wagoner community hospital, and then to rehab at TWCC!! This has been a life changing experience 🙌 And i definitely recommend this hospital for any future events... God bless ✌️"
Teja W.

Proud to host the Wagoner Rotary meetings at noon on Tuesdays in hospital cafeteria.