Protect Quality and Access in Oklahoma

Jimmy Leopard, CEO, Wagoner Health and other representatives from the Oklahoma Hospital Association (OHA) met with area Oklahoma legislators on February 9, 2024 to discuss the OHA’s 2024 Legislative Agenda to Protect Quality and Access in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma District 3 Senator, Blake Stephens (third from left) and Jimmy Leopard (far right) are pictured with others […]

February is National Cancer Prevention Month!

Prevention is Key!Did you know that 40% of all cancer diagnosed and nearly ½ of all deaths from cancer in the Unites States can be attributed to preventable causes? Factors such as physician inactivity, obesity, smoking, and excessive exposure to the sun can all play their part. As a result, taking measures to quit smoking […]

Congratulations to December’s Associate of the Month!

Wagoner Health would like to share our gratitude for the amazing dedication and support provided by Outpatient Registration Coordinator Special Lovelace, who has been selected as December 2023’s Associate of the Month! Pictured (L-R): Cara Miller, Admitting Manager; Special Lovelace, Outpatient Registration Coordinator;  Jimmy Leopard, CEO

Did You Know that January is National Blood Donor Month?

The month of January is designated as National Blood Donor Month in the United States. Due to holiday celebrations, inclement weather, and cold and flu season, the winter months are often a time of reduced donations and an increased risk for blood shortages. National Blood Donor Month celebrates blood donors during this critical time and […]

Wagoner Health is Excited to Introduce New Lab Equipment!

Wagoner Health is happy to announce the addition of our new Coagulation Instrument! The New TOP’s instrument will perform PT, INR, PTT, D-Dimer, and provide therapeutic ranges for our upcoming PCU/ICU patients. Ray North, Director of Lab Services, and Key Operator, Analinna Dean, are excited for the improvements this update will bring to overall lab […]

Recognizing Reasons for Stress, and Ways to Find Some Relaxation!

The holidays are here, and if you’re like most people, you may find yourself feeling a bit stressed out during this time of year. So, What is Stress? In simple terms, stress is your body’s reaction to having to deal with more than you are used to. Stress is often caused by major life events: […]